The JBT testing experience is very efficient.   We collect 25 different points of lifestyle and risk-profile data while registering members in under 5 minutes.  JBT gathers this confidential health information and risk assessment data from tested individuals to allow for analysis of demographic profiles by lifestyle and behavior choices.  Significant correlations, behavioral trends and patterns may emerge from this data analysis that shed light on an individual’s decision-making processes, potential vulnerability to infection and/or propensity for disease acquisition.  JBT is currently pursuing relationships with research institutions and health agencies that can expertly mine this data to develop effective disease prevention models and protocols.

Age & Gender Breakdown

STI/STD Testing Frequency

Ethnic Breakdown

Diet & Exercise Levels

Other Stats...

  • 25 data points collected in under 5 minutes.
  • Over 85% of those being tested are within JBT’s target demographic group of underserved, minority populations.
  • Almost 40% of JBT members have been tested within the last 6 months.
  • Over 60% of JBT members have been tested within the last year.

Programs & Solutions

The JBT mobile testing unit and the JBT app both allow for rapid collection of data.