AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a serious illness.  AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).  HIV attacks the immune system, which is the body's natural defense against disease.  Damage to the immune system leaves the body vulnerable to secondary illnesses that can be fatal.  There is still no known cure for AIDS, but effective treatments are now available.  HIV is mainly spread through unprotected sex with an HIV-positive individual.  It also can be transmitted from mother to child during childbirth; while sharing needles with an HIV-positive individual; and through open wounds or cuts coming into contact with fluids from an HIV-positive individual.  During sex, the penis, vagina, and anus all can become vulnerable to exposure to HIV due to friction causing small tears or cuts that may not be even noticeable or painful. ANYONE can get infected with HIV.  Use protection.  Get tested.  Know your status. 

The Facts...

  • 1 in 5 people who are HIV-positive do not know their status.
  • New York leads the nation in the number of new HIV cases.
  • Every year in New York City, there are almost 2000 AIDS-related deaths.
  • Approximately 129,000 people are diagnosed with AIDS every year in New York State.  Almost 80% live in New York City.


JBT has created an innovative approach to prevention and health testing focusing on increasing access to services and changing the social norms of HIV testing.  We just want individuals to know their status so they can take action to prevent further spreading of the virus.  Through testing, awareness, and education, JBT hopes to decrease the number of new HIV diagnoses in New York.  The JBT mobile testing unit provides rapid HIV test results and is able to collect health risk and lifestyle data, all in under 5 minutes.  Furthermore, anyone who tests positive is linked with the proper health resources and assistance.  The JBT mobile unit can be found at local parks, community events, and college campuses all over New York City. You also can request the JBT mobile testing unit for your next event.  Please send all requests to 

College and Urban Area Outreach

Working with student organizations and clubs, JBT co-sponsors social-based testing events at universities across the Northeast.  These college social events and entertainment venues, including poetry jams, concerts, intramural sports, health fairs and performances, engage youth and encourage attendance and participation.  We equip young people with culturally-relevant and accurate health information, condoms/dental dams, and free HIV screenings.  Previously scheduled marketing, incentives to attend the event, and promotion throughout the campuses, engages young people to participate.  Students have explained that they prefer to get tested through JBT because their student insurance does not cover HIV screenings, or the additional charge for doing so, is too expensive.  Since the highest rates of new infections occur in this age group, we are strategically positioned to help reduce the spread of STDs.  This demographic emphasis targets young college adults who are at the prime age to develop healthy habits.  JBT wants to instill in young adults the value of taking responsibility for knowing the status of their sexual health.

In addition to our campus routine throughout the city, JBT has a presence at multiple social events and popular neighborhoods that attract a diverse array of young people.  We aim to access people where they want to be, and be proactive and aggressive about spreading our message that being healthy is just as important as socializing.  Partnership with these diverse events and organizations gives JBT relevant avenues to exert a significant influence on the lives of young adults.  To mitigate anxiety about getting confidentially tested, we offer targeted incentives at social events.  Our mobile app will allow JBT to members to receive discounts at a number of dining and entertainment venues.

For all other sexually transmitted infections and additional information, please visit here.