The Mission of JBT is to engage the community via innovative technology to become proactive participants in their preventive health.  This is accomplished through a three-tier approach of 1) Education 2) Mobile Technology 3) Linkage and Referral to Services.  JBT targets young people between 18 and 30 years-of-age when education and prevention are most effective.  JBT focuses on at-risk urban communities, under-served neighborhoods with little access to progressive healthcare, and college campuses.  JBT’s health promotion areas currently include HIV, Hepatitis C, and hypertension. JBT's strategies and programming reach these populations by 1) educating young adults and other at-risk population segments in city neighborhoods and at social events  2) educating on college and university campuses. 

Technology: The BIG JBT Toolbox  

How does it all work? 

It's really simple: JBT announces its testing and social events on the JBT website and other social media outlets.  The JBT mobile unit is equipped with the most modern testing technology, tablets, and online registration portal.  People wanting to be confidentially tested and know their sexual health status, or to be screened for Hepatitis C and hypertension, register on a Facebook-like app using mobile tablets. New members enter basic information and complete short assessments regarding health, risk, and lifestyle.  JBT analyzes these assessments to establish data correlations that help determine better methods of prevention and understanding of the demographics we serve.  Testing is done by trained healthcare associates and our data our assessments are maintained in a HIPPA compliant database.  JBT members register, get tested, and receive results in under 10 minutes--SUPER fast compared to paper based systems.

Where is the innovation?

JBT members maintain awareness of their status,  and here's how:  Each individual tested has the option to complete a verification form as consent to being tested, which allows JBT to post that “You were tested on this date” on participants’ social media profile pages. Results are never posted and remain completely confidential.  JBT uses this "verification date" to send reminders to members to get tested and to grant access to our rewards portal.  JBT created an incentive platform with retailers and affiliate online vendors in the communities where JBT conducts testing as an attractive incentive for young people to maintain their tested status.  Through their mobile devices, members have access to this rewards portal as long as their tested status is current; they can then redeem these rewards on their smartphones.  By establishing these strategic incentives and reciprocal agreements, residents, stores, vendors, and restaurants in the same communities all benefit from JBT's wellness activities.  Also a unique feature of the mobile app, JBT will provide end-users with private messaging capabilities to a JBT team member to address concerns and questions regarding sexual health concerns.  All communication surrounding this unique feature are confidential. 

What happens next? 

JBT health care associates link JBT members who test positive for HIV to low cost or free healthcare and counseling.  Members that test outside of a healthy range for hypertension are connected to partnering fitness facilities, health conscious grocers, and restaurants that offer discounts to JBT members.